Halcyon Jobs

In my day job, I'm the head of Analysis for Halcyon Molecular, a nanotechnology company in Silicon Valley. This is a very special company, the best and most unique place I have ever worked at.

Halcyon is a mission, with a company wrapped around it, and it is a networking nexus.

Our immediate goal, i.e. step one, is to develop highly accurate, very fast, very cheap DNA sequencing. The long term goals extend way beyond that, and are highly relevant to carboncopies.

The founders and the funders have the same ultimate and very ambitious objectives in mind, which gives Halcyon unprecedented opportunities.

Our first major technical milestone is due in the next few months. Before then, we intend to double the size of the company.

Halcyon is always looking for a combination of the right culture and excellence in its people.

If you think you may be the right person to join our team, or if you know someone who is, then contact me! (Via Facebook, email, etc.)

From our website:

Do you excel in any of the following areas?

    * Electrical Engineering
    * Mechanical Engineering
    * Image Analysis
    * Thin Film Deposition
    * Business Operations
    * Electron Microscopy
    * Systems Integration
    * Materials Science
    * MEMS
    * Applied Physics
    * Computer Science
    * Automation / Robotics
    * Organometallic Chemistry
    * Microfluidics
    * Optics

Our goal is to attract exceptionally talented people, not to fill specific positions. We are open to extraordinary candidates who will contribute to our long-term goals and enrich our team, regardless of whether we have tailor-made positions available.